Recruitment - Agri-Food Industry

Recruiting new employees to strengthen your teams requires time and special interpersonal skills. To quickly and easily find candidates with skills in high demand, outsource your recruitment to Samsic RH.

Because our values guide our ambition, and because we have exceedingly high standards when it comes to professionalism, both for ourselves and for the candidates we select, we are scrupulous about monitoring employees from the moment they join your company.

Samsic RH uses comprehensive, multi-channel tools to source and screen candidates individually, with reliable processes that produce excellent results.

Samsic RH experts who assist you in recruiting your resources, focus on understanding your business. We know that the agri-food industry is varied, complex and uses highly specific methods.

In this respect, our processes are perfectly integrated with your business, because, like you, our priority is to develop the potential of each individual to drive collective success.

Recruitment - Agri-Food Industry
Recruitment - Agri-Food Industry

Add quality candidates to your workforce

  • Manufacturing operator
  • Production manager
  • Supplies coordinator
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Quality technician
  • Manufacturing shop manager


Since 2004, we have been helping businesses succeed, today and into the future. By outsourcing your recruitment process to Samsic RH, you are delegating the entire decision-making process to experts in the agri-food industry who can deliver on your organization’s goals and expectations.