Reception - Tertiary and Head Offices

Reception is the first contact in a company, and as such, it must be perfect.

Charleen, the Samsic subsidiary that manages reception services, provides you with professional receptionists who perform a number of tasks. They welcome your visitors and provide directions, manage access badges, meeting rooms, catering, business travel, and more.

In addition, Charleen receptionists will truly make life easier for your employees by handling their correspondence, phone calls and calendars.

As full-fledged facilitators and ambassadors of your brand, our receptionists ensure that things run smoothly for everyone, by assisting visitors and supporting employees on site.

More and more companies are choosing to outsource their reception services. Given the increasingly professional nature of the job, it is important to have competent, flexible, available resources that are able to adapt to the requirements of each type of site.

Many of our customers are including concierge services in their reception activities.

As a real vector for employee retention, corporate concierge services have the advantage of handling the personal responsibilities and daily needs of your employees. Freed from these tasks, employees will be able to fully concentrate on their work and increase productivity.

The services include assistance with your employee’s daily needs such as dry cleaning, shoe repair and tailoring services, mail and parcels, making appointments with tradespeople, etc., family issues such as childcare, petcare, tutoring, various administrative procedures, etc., vehicle maintenance such as washing, roadworthiness tests, changing flat tires, etc. and are totally scalable and modular.

Reception - Tertiary and Head Offices
Reception - Tertiary and Head Offices

Our receptionists provide friendly and professional reception services for our customers at their tertiary sites:


Reception, check visitor IDs and provide directions, handle the switchboard, badges, registers and calendars, manage passenger flows in airports, and more.

Management of meeting rooms:

Reserve meeting rooms, arrange for meeting supplies, flipcharts, bring in extra equipment or refreshments during meetings, etc. - Order and deliver meals, breakfast, etc.

Mail service management:

Receive, sort, and distribute mail, handle postage, letters and parcels, handle disputes and registered mail, etc.

Concierge services:

Daily needs: Dry cleaning, alterations, shoe repair, delivery of gift baskets, flowers, etc.

Wellness services: salon treatments, massage, hairdresser, leisure activities, in-home services, personal assistant services, etc.

Event Reception:

Reception, provide information and directions to visitors, VIP support, coat check, badges, hand out goodies, reserve taxis, etc.


With more than 600 receptionists, Charleen operates throughout France.

All our services are flexible, personalized and tailored to all your needs and expectations.