Agri-Food Industry

With today’s stricter regulations, tougher competition and ever more demanding consumers, in the agri-food sector, innovation in production processes is essential to control costs and stay competitive. More than ever, agri-food professionals must focus on their core business to meet this challenge.

We support you in this constant quest for performance by ensuring that you make optimal use of your production site day to day.

From industrial cleaning of your surfaces to the technical maintenance of your plant machinery, as well as security and reception services, we offer solutions tailored to your specific requirements, which will help you improve your performance and your production quality.

Our Agents carry out their services with the sole aim of guaranteeing the hygiene and reliability of your production facilities in terms of food safety and offering your employees a healthy and pleasant work environment.

Samsic can also meet your temporary and occasional staffing needs. Samsic Emploi sources and places the people you need to cover spikes in workload.

Benefit from our industrial experience

By partnering with Samsic, you will benefit from human resources that are available, qualified and trained in innovative techniques.

To achieve this, Samsic's Agri-Food Department has developed its own training centre. It takes at least 1 month for each new learner to master the processes and techniques needed to work in the food industry. Our objective is to have a sufficient staff pool to handle the fluctuations in the sector and avoid hasty recruitment.

Agri-Food Industry


Thanks to our multiple skills in Agri-Food, we are an integral part of our customers' manufacturing processes.

2,800 Samsic Agents work every day to provide our 350 Agri-Food customers with superior quality services, allowing them to focus fully on their core business.