Keeping your employees and visitors safe is of the utmost importance. For their well-being and trust in your organization, whether public or private, you can count on the discreet presence of Samsic Sécurité Agents.
Our expertise in the security business enables us to respond quickly and effectively to your needs, whether it is access control, fire prevention or ensuring that your events run smoothly.

Samsic Sécurité supports our customers in protecting property and people and offers a wide range of complementary solutions such as remote monitoring and reception services.
We operate in many sectors, including public buildings, high-rise buildings, nuclear power plants, shopping centres, industries, hospitals and more.

Whatever your business, we provide security

Whatever the environment, the business sector, the level of risk or the type of site, Samsic Sécurité provides the best solutions for all security requirements:

  • Security, safety and surveillance: Access control, patrols, alarm management, surveillance of people and property
  • Fire safety: Fire prevention, site security, evacuation of occupants, assistance to people in danger
  • Event security: Reception, information, flow management, access control, spectator surveillance, global protection of sites and VIPs
Sécurité, sûreté et surveillance, sécurité incendie, sécurité événementielle


Samsic deploys an integrated management system on all its sites and customer sites.

A third party certification attests to the conformity and performance of this system according to several standards: ISO 9001:2015, Mase: 2014, CEFRI-E... on operational perimeters representative of the requirements of interested parties, customers in particular.


For sensitive sites, Seveso sites, restricted access sites, airports and public buildings, Samsic Sécurité protects all types of buildings in compliance with local laws and according to the specific requirements of each customer.

On June 1, 2018, Samsic Sécurité received “National Defence Partner” accreditation by ministerial decree. The agreement makes it easier for Group employees to serve in the operational reserve.