Transport - Logistics

Faced with the explosion of e-commerce and the globalization of international trade, delivering goods quickly, safely and securely as optimizing their flow are major challenges for road transport and logistics professionals.

To meet your peak workload periods and help you grow your business, Samsic provides you with services tailored to your site, combining superior quality service and agile responses to unforeseen events affecting logistics flows.

By outsourcing your warehouse cleaning, your recruitment process or your employee training to Samsic, you benefit from a partner who knows logistics processes inside and out. This allows you to focus fully on your business, safe in the knowledge that we’re handling all the rest.

We help you meet your workforce needs

We know that recruitment in your sector can be difficult, so we are committed to enhancing your brand image to attract operational, competent and motivated candidates who will meet your workforce needs.

And because your sector is constantly evolving, we give your employees the opportunity to develop their professional skills through our wide variety of training courses provided by our subsidiary, Forget Formation.

Transport - Logistics


In this sector, which is subject to a high level of risk, we pay particular attention to the health and safety of the people assigned to your site. We ensure that each person assigned to your sites understands the occupational risks specific to your sector.