Optimizing your costs to increase productivity, without neglecting quality, hygiene and safety issues, is one of your core concerns.

Because you need to capitalize on the skills and know-how of your staff, we offer you our expertise to enable you to focus fully on your business.

We offer you concrete solutions that will enhance and increase the life cycle of your production facility and offer you a pleasant working environment, in strict compliance with your regulatory requirements.

Samsic supports you by providing cleaning, maintenance and reception services and protecting your employees and property. Our staff is operational, responsive and trained in specific operating procedures, in order to minimize the risks of production disruptions, particularly at sensitive or SEVESO classified sites.

If you need temporary employees for occasional assignments, we rely on Samsic Emploi to source and place the necessary resources for your peak workloads.

Services tailored to your production facility

We operate in all industrial sectors, including aeronautics, petrochemicals, automotive, heavy industry and advanced technology, offering services tailored to your production facility. From cleaning to maintenance to security and reception services, our staff guarantee you a consistent level of service. By combining their know-how and expertise in the industrial sector, our Agents will ensure the longevity of your production equipment and a pleasant working environment for all your employees.



Samsic's operating procedures are defined and approved with our customers after a prior assessment of their needs and/or in addition to a TPM or 5S optimization system.

More than 3000 agents specialized in industry work every day serving our 400 industrial customers.