Airport VIP lounges caring for passengers


Published on : 28 Oct. 2019

Since its opening the VIP Lounge Bessie Coleman in Pointe-à-Pitre –Guadeloupe- welcomed more than 54 000 passengers from all around the world. Following this success, Samsic Assistance is about to open its second VIP lounge, this time at Aimé Césaire airport in Fort de France -Martinique.

Renovation of the area have already started and the result will be breath-taking. This new space will be accessible for passengers who want to enjoy to the fullest the last hours of their stay in Martinique.

With a total capacity of 40 visitors, this new place will be fully dedicated to relaxation and rest. Our focus is to optimize the space for passenger’s maximum comfort. Mira Spadijer, who also led the construction of the first lounge in Pointe-à-Pitre has designed this new VIP¨lounge. The result is this incredible relaxation area fully furnished with the most recent equipment.

The lounge « Eugène&Jimmy » pays tribute to the iconic pilot Eugène James Bullard who played an important role during the First World War. Eugène is one of the first African-American military pilot to be posthumously promoted to the rank of second lieutenant. He used to fly with his best friend Jimmy, a very affectionate little domestic monkey. He spent part of this life in Paris where he became a musician and cabaret-director in the 20s and 30s. He was dedicated to his homeland despite the racial discrimination that he has been victim of at the time.

Air Caraïbes and Air Belgium passengers will be the first ones to benefit from this new features. You can use this VIP lounge as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, by providing the best passengers experience. Samsic Assistance is proud to complete its range of executive airport services with VIP transport reservation and airport meet and greet.